Shape Contour

Accent Prime For Body Fat Reduction And Contour

Utilizing advanced ultrasound technology for skin tightening, GLO Laser & Med Spa in Houston, TX helps create firmer, younger-looking skin for our area patients. Introducing the Alma Accent Prime nonsurgical body contouring treatment, which produces tighter skin without the time, expense, and recovery of surgery. Accent Prime is one of the most advanced workstations for skin tightening, body contouring, and overall aesthetic enhancements without having to have plastic surgery.

Pelleve For Cellulite Reduction

Though diet and exercise are an essential aspect of maintaining a fit and slim figure, sometimes it is not enough to reduce fat or bring back the vitality that can be missing in our skin. At GLO Laser & Med Spa in Houston, TX, radiofrequency (RF) body contouring is able to tighten the skin while reducing fat in problematic areas. We are proud to offer one of the most advanced RF body contouring systems, the Cynosure Pellevé. The Pellevé device is not a laser.

Medical Supervised Weight Loss

Jointly with Internal medicine Dr. Min Liang, Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Xin Ma form an ideal weight loss plan by using lifestyle change , medication management , transform a healthy fit body shape. There are 2 formulae used to calculate BMI, in [kcal / 24hrs] for men and women respectively: BMI for Men = 66.47 + (13.75 * weight [kg]) + (5.003 * size [cm]) − (6.755 * age [years]) BMI for Women = 655.1 + (9.563 * weight [kg]) + (1.85 * size [cm]) − (4.676 * age [years]  

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