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Scalp Rejuvenation

NEW ! KeraLase Procedure

KeraLase is a brand new procedure that uses the non-ablative micro-channels created by the LaseMD and Ultra systems to replace the need for micro-needle rollers or devices. 

These micro-channels created with the 1927nm wavelength have been show to create 5 times higher absorption of nano-liposomes* increasing the delivery of the nano liposomes found in the KeraFactor Serum.

Hair in Wind
NEW !  KeraLase Treatment for Hair Growth

Kerafactor Serum combined with Lutronic LaseMD laser system. The Kerafactor Serum is a proprietary blend of growth factors that are specifically selected and concentrated into small nano‑liposomal carrier particles for easy penetration of the skin. These are those peptides that specifically support increased blood supply and the transition of resting hairs into the actively growing phase of hair growth for optimal results. The most potent peptides are up to a 1000X more concentrated than found in platelets. Kerafactor leaves out the peptides found in PRP that inhibit hair growth. The result is a much more powerful mix of growth factors that specifically stimulate hair growth that is much more effective than PRP.

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Fotona laser hair growth

Fotona Hair Growth Laser is a patented, non-invasive Er: YAG laser therapy for treating hair loss disorders. Using a non-ablative photothermal stimulation of hair growth, the laser works to trigger tissue regeneration in the scalp including angiogenesis and promote new follicle growth. It can enrich the scalp by new vessel growth and more blood circulation to the scalp, providing more nutritions to the hair follicles. So make hair stay longer and healthy.  It is a generally safe and efficient treatment for hair loss, with little to no adverse effects.

Hair loss Diagnosis And Report

Millions of Americans are dealing with thinning hair every day, so you’re not alone. As we age, our hair growth rate decelerates. There are also genetic factors that cause male or female pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Without intervention, your hair loss will worsen over time.That's why we are here to help your hair restoration. when you first come to our clinic, we are going to analyze your scalp using a scalp scope, we  will know what should we treat and also for monitor the treatment progress.   

Scalp Clean And Tricology Therapy Using Histemo Hair Regrowth System 

After we check the hair and scalp using the hair scope, we treat different condition with different HIstemo product for hair growth. The Histemo products are from Southkirean has multiply plant based  growth factor HISTEMO HAS EFFECTS OF SIX HAIR CELL GROWTH FACTORS:PDGF (Platelet Derived Growth Factor)It acts as a signal to induce hair follicle formation and promotes dermal papilla development and function.VEGF (Vascular endothelial Growth Factor)Promotes hair-related cell growth, increases hair follicle size, promotes hair follicle formation that can supply nutrition.IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor)Promotes dermal papilla and hair tissue activity and regulates follicular cell proliferation. It helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth.HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor)Promotes growth of hair follicles, maintains healthy hair, and increases hair growth.

PRP Or/and UCT Cell Scalp Injection For Hair Regrowth

PRP platelet rich plasma offers improvement in hair growth in many patients. Cytokines and growth factors locked within the platelets can be concentrated and released, then injected into the areas of alopecia (hair loss), stimulating hair regrowth.  we also offer patient with add allograft UCT /Aminotic fluid cell to jointly stimulate the hair regrowth

PDO Threads Stimulate The Hair Regrowth

PDO is a known absorbable FDA-cleared synthetic suture and surgical scaffold material which stimulates endogenous collagen production, elastin, hyaluronic acid as well as activates fibroblasts. PDO (polydioxanone) threads have been used in aesthetic medicine for years for rejuvenation of skin, skin tightening, skin lifting, and wrinkle reduction. Hair regrowth in patients with hair loss from androgenetic alopecia has been observed in patients who had PDO threads inserted into their scalps. In  The PDO Threads for hair regrowth may help prevent or reduce the need for hair transplantation. They may also be used for stopping, slowing or reversing hair loss in conjunction with other treatments such as minoxidil, finasteride, low-level laser therapy, PRP platelet rich plasma, and other cell therapy treatments.

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Professional Laser Hair Growth System

We offer iRestore laserand LED conbined hair growth system to treat hair loss in conjuncted with other hair regrowth system. Lasers emit coherent light and can be transmitted over longer distances as they focus on a single point. LEDs tend to distribute their power over a larger area, without the traveling effect of laser. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) tend to target and affect local tissues that are exposed to the light. From a short distance, lasers and LEDs may behave very similarly and deliver energy in a similar way. Because it's not coherent light, LEDs can actually use higher power at healing wavelengths and not cause harm, especially since we use high quality LEDs to maintain the required energy levels. All light sources are designed and positioned close to the scalp to allow hair follicles to receive the proper light energy to promote hair growth. 

Husazumo Hair Extension For Hair Volumization

Husazomo is a Japanese hair tie technique that utilizes Kanekalon, synthetic fiber hair strand which is made of plant-based artificial protein to increase the number of hair as natural looking to resolve your hair loss. Like the eyelash extension, we provide hair extension with Japanese artifical hair and volumized your hair loss and waiting other treatments to regrow your own hair. Glo laser and med spa also texas distributor for Husazomo hair , welcome any interested professional to learn this Luxury technique.

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